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No, I can't believe I'm actually posting this, either.

Mod post. If you know of someone in the game, that's not on my f-list, please direct them to that entry. Otherwise, just go read it yourself.

Yeah, and the Simple Application form has been extended until the end of the month. If we get enough interest in these types of posts, we'll be having them on a semi-regular basis.

That's .... It. Any questions about either of those subjects go to the above linked post - please don't comment my personal journal about them.
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THERE IS NO, need I repeat...NO electricity on the lower level except for in businesses sanctioned by the gods. And even at that point, it is strictly business oriented. There are NO GENERATORS left in the ShinRa HQ right now. Their existence made Thylas very mad - he smashed them. You are welcome to try rebuilding them if you want, but they are currently gone. All business electricity must be approved by the gods. If there was anything left, as of now, they are gone. Any Electricity in ShinRa HQ right now would be from the fact that they are an approved company by the gods, and nothing else.

They do not want any electricity reaching the masses.


Businesses using it for any purposes outside of business will get the gift revoked. ♥

Business Listing


All businesses can deliver to the lower level. Also, any employee who has yet to obtain upper level permission may work - only work - on the upper level as long as they maintain good behavior. If they do other things, they revoke good behavior, and that may result in loss of a job. This is for the ease of the upper level citizens.
→Misa's Clothing Store
→Devil's Nest - Bar
→Max's Bakery
→Euphemia's Flower Shop (Formerly Aeris')
→Pizza Hut
→Oomurasaki Tavern
→Watanuki's Cafe

→Nami's Fruit Market
→MakubeX's General Store (Formerly Alice's)
→Curious Cait Item Shop
→Devil's Nest - Boarding House
→Celestial Being
→Bath Houses [costs money to get in, keep in mind] ~ this is about the only luxury on the lower level. <3 Don't abuse it.

Toys, games, and entertainment

Everything can only be purchased on the upper level. And it is costly.

→ Blocks
→ Puzzles
→ Crayons/Markers/Pencils/Pens
→ Paper
→ Cards
→ Books
→ Instruments

→ Video games
→ Computers
→ Designer Toys (Mostly for near, Mechs, Gameboy, things like that).
→ Televisions
→ Movies/Theaters
→ Glitter

Purchasable Items

Aside what is mentioned in "yes" above. Only available on the upper level.

→ Food
→ Water
→ Clothing
→ Alcohol
→ Candy [expensive]
→ Fabric, to make clothing

If in doubt, ask. Keep in mind, these shops are not [info]walmart_rp.

How Do I Eat??

There's a couple ways to get food and water.

Water -
→ From the rivers
→ Springs
→ Gods have used some of the former pits created by Neffe's disaster, to fill with water. While some had closed, they reopened and put water in them.

Food -
→ It is only purchasable on the upper level. You can NOT BUY FOOD on the lower level.
→ On the lower level, kill monsters, catch fish, build fires, get a friend who has upper level access to get you some supplies to cook. >.o;


Beds -
→ Lower level: Suck. Matresses are worn out and sheets suck.
→ Upper level: Less suck. Have decent sheets, and things like that.

Kitchens -
→ Lower level: Don't exist as you know them. All stoves would be WOOD burning.
→ Upper level: Has them, and other things. most things need to be purchased.

Living Rooms -
→ Lower Level: Don't exist. Build your own chairs and things. Or get them from someone on the lower level, to build it for you. May have one crappy couch or something.
→ Upper level: Couches, chairs, etc.

No furniture can be transported from the upper level to the lower level.


TONIGHT...there will be a BIG storm starting.


The smart will find ways to gather water and take advantage of this. :) COME ON GUYS. FREE WATER...and this is a lot cleaner than the bathed in rivers. |D

Also, things are going to start going down.


Also, there will be some new buildings and locations popping up in the next few days, but I'll get a post up about that. Just wanted to get this going. (:

It starts now. |D Have fun with your godly temper tantrum. It would be wise to find shelter. |D Your home may suffer damage from it if you should wish.

Hey guys~ I'm sure you're tired of hearing from us by now, but. ;D Just a few more notes.

--> Another two reminders because we're still getting a fair number of people that aren't doing it:
1. Please post to the HIATUS POST when you plan on, well, going on hiatus. You can post to the OOC community as well, but chances are, if that's the only place you post, then I'm not going to remember when the activity checks come around. Alternatively, you can just make a post in your character's journal so when I'm doing an activity check, I'll see that when I go to the journal. You can just delete it when you return.
Thank you to everyone who's already been doing this. It's a biiiiig help~ ♥

2. When requesting your sin from the Gods, please remember to include a link back to your application as an OOC note. We obviously don't know every character's canon that happens to be in Purg, so we have to refer back to your applications and what you stated their sin was. It's much easier if you can just link us to that app and save us the trouble of digging. :3

--> All the ideas that have been pouring in for future events are awesome! By all means, keep the ideas coming in. ♥ We're compiling a list, and maybe we can do a poll to see which event people would be the most interested (and keep the results private, of course).

--> Another activity check is just a few days away! I'll be returning to work next week and won't have time to do another for awhile, so I'm going to cram one more in before them. Now's your chance to update any character journals that you haven't touched in awhile.
1. If your character ends up on an activity check three times in a row and hasn't been very active in logs, I would like to ask you to drop that character. :/ There could be someone else that wants that chara and would spend a lot more time doing something with them.

I think that should be it. :x I hope everyone's looking forward to the upcoming event~!


Hey, guys. Couple notes; they’re rather important ones and this is likely to get very lengthy, so please keep with me and read it all, at this applies to everyone in the game.

We’ve had a few mentions of some businesses popping up in Purgatorium that are not endorsed by the Gods/were not formed with permission. It needs to be pointed out again, the following few points:

* When starting a business, you will have absolutely nothing to work with unless you ask the Gods for help. This means putting yourself into a lot of debt in order to obtain the necessities needed to begin your business. You’re going to end up not having a lot in the way of profit for a nice long while, as you pay that debt back to the Gods for helping.

* The Gods do not provide anything but the bare necessities. They’ll give you the tools to fix your roof, but they're not going to give you carpeted floors or fancy tile or big, expensive items or decor. That's all stuff you have to earn, and it takes time.

* After you've been in business for awhile, the Gods will become a little more lenient with what they're willing to give you in advance and accept payments on. This includes electricity, if your business would like to have it. Basically, prove that you're doing well and the Gods will be nice.

* Do not assume things, please! Don't assume that just because you want a business means you can just guess everything that's in it. We've had some businesses in Purgatorium since the very beginning (Alice's shop, Tifa's cafe, ShinRa) that worked their asses off to get what they have now, and it's hardly fair to them if the newer shops that are sprouting up automatically have all these nice things.

* Some people have been able to request rather big and shiny objects from the Gods now and again in return for service or payment. There's a reason why they're able to do this, and business owners are not: those people have no debt with the Gods. The amount of debt a business owner is in, just by obtaining things needed to make their building presentable, and having the materials needed to run the place (especially those places that offer food, for example), is... quite a lot. Therefore asking for unnecessary things tends to be a No No until they've gotten some of that initial debt out from under them.

Yes. This means that at least a few of these newer businesses need to amend what items they're claiming to have. If we notice that this isn't being done, we'll need to start talking to people in specific.

When in doubt, ask. You can always IM Rowan or me, or post in the FAQ, or use the In-Character request page to see what you can and cannot have. And remember, the Gods offer no help unless you ask them for it, which means not assuming.


I really hate to have to put something like this up here, since I figured a lot of it would be common sense, however... I feel the need to point out that, if you're the type of person that does not enjoy getting involved in huge plots or the like, to please take the in-character steps necessary to stay out of it. You cannot expect that your character can go taunting and being bitchy to the bad guys, and then - when the villains try to retaliate - step back OOCly and say, "No, I don't want to." It's not fair, it's aggravating to the villains (and their players), etc. Likewise, if you're a villain, you really need to realize a few things: This isn't a large city, and by now, by all intents and purposes, you should have been caught or killed or punished in some way. Escape is always an option, of course, because it's not fair to lock up a character forever, but again, in-character actions = in-character consequences. When one has a mini-army of SOLDIERs, Turks, various other skilled fighters and the like after them, it's really stretching it to say that a villain can't be caught by now.

But, I digress.

If you're having a problem with someone/someone's characters, again, the best way to handle it is to ICly remove yourself from the situation. Have your characters stop talking to those you don't want to interact with. Don't stomp your foot and say "I don't want to play with you anymore!" unless the offending characters are persisting and the player isn't getting that you'd rather not associate with them in-game. (Note, that this isn't to say if you're uncomfortable with another player or you think that they're harassing you, you of course can bring it to a mod for intervention and mediation. That's part of what we're here for.)

That being said, whether you want to interact with someone's characters or not, chances are if you're getting involved in plots, you're going to just have to suck it up and deal with some interaction occurring. It's part of the game; this isn't grade school where you can take your ball and go home if you don't like one or two of the people involved if your character has done IC things to get themselves into the predicament they're in.

I hope that makes sense. Yes/No?


Another thing that's been noticed is the number of 'nice' houses suddenly being mentioned on the lower level. This is another thing that's simply... not true. All the houses in the lower level are, basically, junk. Holes in the roofs, broken windows, cold, drafty, unstable, all that fun stuff that would earn it a good old fashioned "condemned" sticker on the front door.

The only homes that are in any way in good shape are the ones that ShinRa is working on restoring. Those homes have wood-burning stoves, generally a tub that water can be brought to and filled up, the structure is sound and the windows and roofing is all intact, etc.

There are very, very few of these homes at present, as the snow and harsh winter rather stunted ShinRa's ability to build for quite a long while. Not to mention, this is all material that either has to be salvaged, or has to be purchased from the Gods or the upper level. It's not cheap for them to rebuild, and as such the process goes rather slowly. Now that the snow is letting up some and ShinRa is focusing on restoration, things will move along more quickly. Rowan and I will keep everyone updated on what areas of the city are in good shape. At present, it's mainly just a few streets closest to the ShinRa building.


In the lower level... there are neither. There is no running water, there is no electricity. Absolutely not. The only exceptions to this are businesses that pay the Gods monthly for these services. Obviously, a food-serving place would need lights and water to run efficiently.

Another thing of note, the lower level is always dark. There is no moon, there is no sun or stars. The only thing you see when you look up is muddled black, maybe a few specks of light here and there from between the upper level plates, but there is no sky. Only on the upper level is there sunlight and the difference between night and day. For the lower level, the day is dark and the night is darker. That about sums it up.

The other exception to this are the four bath houses on the lower level. They require a small fee to get in, and there are both private and group baths available inside. Yes, this means hot water, as well. Yes, you have to get past an employee to allow you in. Yes, if you cause problems inside the bath house, one of the Gods will smack you upside the head.


I just mentioned this the other day, but I'm still noticing it happening... Pleeeease keep all unrelated/spamming posts out of the ooc community. The following things are the only things that should be going there:

* Plot-points pertaining to multiple characters/plot questions/inquiries/etc. If you have an idea and want to see if people are interested in it, go for it. If you want to direct a plot-related question to a group of people, go for that, too.

* Fan-stuff. Art, FSTs, etc etc that pertain to the RP are, of course, definitely welcome in the OOC comm.

* Hiatus-notices. If you're going away for a bit/coming back, you're welcome to post to inform everyone. However, it's also asked that you post to the hiatus entry, as well, otherwise you're still likely to end up on the activity check.

* Add/drop notices. Same with above, mostly. Picking up a new character or dropping a character? Let us know. But again, please post to the appropriate entries for us mods to be alerted, too, if you're dropping someone. Otherwise, that character will end up on the activity check and it's just... messier/a pain for us.

Anything other than those things listed do not belong on the OOC community. Pleeeease. Things posted just to chat or goof around... I'd really rather those things be saved for AIM or some such. This wasn't a problem when we were starting out and the community was just a handful of us, but now that we have over 200 characters involved and tons of entries to look at, it's much easier to keep the OOC community for its original purpose. From here on out, if we're noticing irrelevant entries getting put up that really have no real meaning, we'll either ask that they be removed or delete them ourselves.

Questions should be posted to the FAQ, not to the OOC community.


I'm... not even going to try and put dates on this as to when to expect them, but these are things I'm going to attempt to get going at some point when I have time:

Yeah, yeah. Long time in coming. This really is my first priority along with the events list, because I know how many people have wanted one and I'd like to have it laid out just what there is and is not within the city. If you are a business owner and would like your business placed on the map in a specific location, please let me know here, otherwise I'll either leave them off entirely or pick a spot for them to go.

I'm going to start compiling a bit of info from all the past events, so that we have it in one place as well as a list of (possible) future events.

Following in PC's footsteps, I want to try and get a complete list of all ShinRa employees and either have it listed down, or on some sort of flow-chart.

This was an idea that someone brought up awhile ago and we really liked; getting up a post to use as an in-character bulletin board, of sorts, where characters can place flyers and such for offered services and business promotions.

...Yeah. Okay. I think I'm done. I'm sorry if this filled everyone's f-list, and if you didn't read it all, GO BACK AND READ IT, PLEASE~ K? K~~

As always, any questions or concerns can be directed to Rowan or me. This post is also screened for privacy, if there's something you want to say that you'd rather others not see.

Stay chill, guys~~~

If your characters would like to make a special request from the Gods, or even ask them a question, you may do so here rather than post in their journals. This is done to make things easier on the mods, as sometimes we accidentally overlook things meant for Asclepius or Medea in character journals.


one. Requests cannot be made to Medea or Asclepius individually. It will be a request viewable to them both, and whichever of them feels like it/has time will be the one to grant or deny the wish or answer any questions.

two. Try to be reasonable, yes? Requests for things that are able to be purchased are generally denied because it would take business away from the lower and upper level stores.

three. Yes, the Gods do play favorites, and yes, sometimes their moods will affect their answers.

four. Characters may also ask questions, but please don't consider this the FAQ about abilities and such. If a chara is wanting to request their powers back, or ask a question about whether so-and-so is in Purgatorium or whathaveyou, that is acceptable. But any questions regarding 'what abilities does my character have?', etc, should be directed to the FAQ.

That should be it. All comments are to be considered private and unhackable to other characters.


Located North of the river and a ways into the forest, the church is possibly one of the few almost comforting sights in the Lower Level. It's clearly been uninhabited for a very long time. While monsters appear around the church, it seems exceedingly rare that any of them are capable of entering it. The church still contains a few benches and an alter, along with an intact stained glass window - dusty with age - above and behind said alter. White there are tapestries and images of various things throughout the church, there are no religious symbols, leaving it unknown as to what religion it might belong to.
In-game happenings: Aeris (FF7) grows her flowers in this church.

Clock tower:
The clock tower is the center landmark in the Lower Level. It is located South of the river, in a large square surrounded by small, abandoned homes. This tower is easily seen from almost everywhere in the lower level, and contains a clock-face on every side, facing North, South, East and West. There is a door on its East side leading in and spiraling stairs will take you all the way to the top where you can step through a doorway beneath any of the four clock-faces and see the surrounding city (not that it's much of a view). However, beware. Strange things are known to happen in the tower; everything from never-ending stair-cases to monsters and ghosts. There is also no guard-rail on the stairs, so express caution when ascending them.
In-game happenings: Various 'booby-traps' are set up within the tower from Fred and George's time spent living there, although they are no longer occupants.

An old, rusted-down fountain that looks as though it was quite beautiful at some point in time. It contains statues of lions around its base, each about three feet in height while the center of the fountain stands a little over six feet. This fountain no longer produces water, and parts of it are beginning to crumble. It is located North-West of the river, approximately a twenty minute walk from the clock tower.
In-game happenings: Leon's home is within view of this fountain; he can look out his window and see it.

This large, simple cemetery is located slightly South-East of the clock tower in the center of town. It harbors many, many tombstones (some marked, some not), statues, a section of tombs and typical graveyard features. Ghosts commonly roam the area, as some have already discovered. 90% of the time, these are perfectly harmless spirits that will come out and follow after someone they grow fond of, but aside from that, they tend to stick to their own graves, circling around their tombstones in a rather hypnotic fashion.
In-game happenings: Hojo kidnapped Kairi in this graveyard.

Ah, yes, the infamous hospital, where so many have ventured in order to figure out its mysteries. Unfortunately, they do appear rather unsolvable, do they not? The hospital is three floors: Upper, ground, and basement. The rooms shift and change; one room you leave may not necessarily be there when you return. Limitless monsters appear here, and it is one of the most dangerous places you will encounter in the Lower Level. The monsters include, but are certainly not limited to, those that can be found in the Silent Hill games. This includes the nurses, and, yes, Pyramid Head. Note that PH cannot be killed, and if you wish him to show up in a log, this is fine. However, if you're wanting him to something extravagant and particularly vicious, (ie: raping characters, destroying buildings, going on a killing spree, etc) we would prefer you ask the mods for permission first. Depending on the situation, we may play him in place of allowing the players to do so.
In-game happenings: Several people were kidnapped by Nyx at one point, and were hidden away in this hospital. They were rescued by Zack, Michael and Naminé. Wiskay later formed a party to enter the hospital in an attempt to search through it and try to figure it out. This seemed to trigger a rather odd reaction, and now the monsters seem to be appearing outside of the hospital.

The river runs throughout the entire width of Purgatorium, from East to West. The source of the water comes from the Upper Level, where the water drops down in a huge waterfall. Naturally, the water at the falls is the cleanest, best for drinking and such. The water at the far West, however, is dirty and intoxicated, poor for catching food, more infested with monsters, and extremely likely to make one sick if drank. A few streams branch off here and there, and the water there also tends to be a bit cleaner.
In-game happenings: n/a



Hey All

A little less srs business post here to clarify and get through some things and etc. Basically addressing conerns and answering questions I've gotten through today and things. And also perhaps some helpful tips :3

First is~~


This is Katie goes off and babbles and gets some things together before this evening, as well as getting to the applications and accepting and things. I figured something like this could be helpful for people. Everyone may look at different things in applications, but in the end, what is important is the way the character is presented, or if we feel that there was enough to get a feel for the character in just a little bit.

350 Words is not a maximum. It is a minimum. If you need more to get the character across, please do so. Actually, definitely do. If 350 words more than covers it, that's fine, too. :D;; This is also to get a feel for how you write. <3 Feel free to ask questions here about this all you'd like. I don't mind :B

5 sentences is the same way on the sample post, BTW. MORE = A+++ I rarely think 5 sentences gets the point across unless you're Wonderwice or Nill, who don't really SAY a lot. Because lacking words shows character, too :B

Tips on Sample Posts
I know writing applications and sample posts isn't exactly the easiest thing ever for some people. In fact, it can be stumps them. Everyone will ask where they are, naturally, but do it in your character's style, like having Viral Scream, or Aaron be a bit more shy and timid on the matter. Y'get my drift. It helps mods get a feel for your character, probably more than personality does. You can write essays about Viral's [he's my example today :B] personality, but if you write a sample post like "Um...where am I?"...? Yeah.

If you want to, it doesn't have to be your first post. Pretend your character has been here a few days, pretend they are getting acquainted with the environment. Asking questions about places, locations to get things, do stuff. Things like you know, what may your character do after a couple days of being here? Address present canonmates, things like that? Like I said, they are by no means required to be your first post.

You can like…have your character talk about getting a job, discussing things they learned. Sample posts can be privated entries, voice posts, whatever.

I hope this helps anyone who may have problems or trouble coming up with ideas. ♥


I GOT QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS. And perfectly reasonable questions that made me WTF slightly in realizations. Terminals are stationary. As in bolted in the ground and not going to pick up and walk with you. Do not take apart the terminals [though hack at will on them, we find that funny :D]. If you walk away from it, your voice would fade, if you stand too far, the recording will cut out. It won’t follow you.

On the Lower level: if any private residences have them, then there can only be one in them at all. And it may not be placed in any of the bedrooms. Once it is placed, it is going to be bolted to the floor. So it can not be moved. You can't let the terminal get broken, if it does, your loss -- we're not replacing them unless you pay for the repairs.

The only exception would be a place like an inn or the boarding house which will result in housing large groups of people. In which case there would be three, and they wouldn't be in any of the rooms, but in the main area of it. Bolted to the floor. If they get exploded because you're dumb, then too bad.

On the upper level they can be located within businesses, the cafe Misa's place, and in the hallways of the apartments.

Another change is that private//unhackable comments could not be seen by anyone other than those who they are addressing, even on someone else’s journal. HOWEVER, for courtesy purpose, if it will be a long chat on someone else’s journal, take it to AIM and don’t spam us with “…We need to talk.” XD

EACH AND EVERY TERMINAL IS EQUIPPED WITH THE MESSENGING SYSTEM OF P.I.M.P. the Purgatorium Instant Messaging Program. So don’t hesitate to use that for some of the more private conversations. :O There was a post awhile back with all the “Screennames” used for it, and I’ll be more than willing to pull that up again for everyone if they should want it? :D Or at least copy-paste the list again, and allow everyone to give their SNs for it….Mm, yes~

Anything can be read by the gods.


Food is accessed through berries in the forest, catching fish, and killing monsters. And if you can afford someone to deliver food from the café, you do it. But this is not a nightly thing, there’s no way anyone can afford that~ =X

There’s water in all the ponds and things and river and etc. Just purify it.

Monsters, I got some new monsters. And they are NOISE from TWEWY, as seen here. They are not run of the mill walk up to them and stab them with a knife and walk away. They’re animal like, or at least the pigs are, so they are edible [ie: you won’t die or get sick from eating them] and probably don’t taste too bad. But they are harder to kill than other monsters, and being that most are without powers, well then. Have fun. They also tend to mob on you, and if you attack them they become AGGRESSIVE, so be careful alright? :D Yes, I am going to make them harder than they are even in game. :B The piggies tend to run away very fast, too, so kill them quickly if they run, catching up to them is nigh impossible for those who lack a lot of powers, send a group of a couple powerhouses and you can have bacon for breakfast. >.o;

What we got floooooooods of questions about and probably will FOREVER. BUT THAT’S OKAY. Any questions, feel free to ask again. I’m hoping this summarizes. :D I’m gonna summarize what was said yesterday in some ways and address some questions we’ve been asked a lot.

- Lower level does not have electricity. Any kitchen would be wood burning, and if they could find it – gas burning. You know, if they have a kitchen :B
- It’s back to the basics, kiddos. Just think logically here. :D Would it really be a punishment if you could turn on your TV and load up Mario Kart on your WII? Yeah…no. [Sorry matt ):] If you had it before, consider the new gods revoking it.
- Lower level doesn’t have running water. Businesses on the lower level won’t even need it, so tough luck here. SORRY GUYS. But none of you need a faucet to operate. If your character lives by their business or what have you. Electricity can not reach their rooms nor be used for cooking, and if they try wiring it there, the gods will cause it to short and you’ll get electrocuted. …or something Don’t do it so I don’t have to think of a way to punish you?~
- There is plenty of places water is. The river is no longer flooded, there’s an ocean, and probably as a result of some of the holes in the ground opening and closing up, some miniature ponds around to access water. You bathe in these unless you can afford the bathhouse. >P Bathhouse is one of the only privileges there, after all.

- Upper level has electricity and running water.
- You have to pay rent. Get roommates. :D
- Upper level has clothing stores, grocery stores, things like that. You can buy electric necessities like a toaster as Kaz said. Also would have bookstores as well, as the entertainment, and perhaps instruments. :B Normally play your PS2, learn how to play a saxophone. :D;; Also any home-improvement sorts of stuff, like screwdrivers, saws, things like that can be purchased on upper level. Paper, pencils, crayons Keep in mind these stores aren’t Walmart [there’s an RP for that 8D] You can’t buy TV dinners or something.
- Privilege is gained the same way as it was before. One Month and they can apply. It is the only way to obtain powers, also, they are required to be working. And they have to have good behavior…obviously. Because you gotta earn everything here. <3
- If you reside on the lower level with upper level priveledges, you can’t go up after dark, likewise if you live on the upper level you can’t go down after dark. The only exception is for So if you were planning to spend the night at Devil’s Nest, get there before it is dark. Also, the only exception to this is employment.

Flatout, here’s the simple thing. If you kill someone, you get a month added. The only exception is when it is strictly out of self defense. So killing someone out of revenge, because they hurt your loved one, or because you attacked someone will cause a loss of those privileges. No exceptions. You lose your powers and are gunna get kicked down to the lower level to reevaluate life. Don’t worry, if they attacked and killed someone, they’ll get punished.

Actually, I want a list of every business here. >> So if you have one, post for it. Don’t need to post employees, just ownership and things. I’ll make a list here below. <3 And I’ll sort out the upper level/lower level and privileges that they have exactly. Some of you have already asked, so use the new information you have?

I’ll fill in the ones I already know about later. :D;;… Just want to find out what everyone had. OH! This includes Celestial Being and SOLDIER.

EDIT QUICKLY: I forgot to add this, but if your character works for an upper level business, and they don't have privileges, then they can go up there STRICTLY FOR WORK. And as long as they remain on best behavior.

Business Name/What it is: [ie: Devil’s Nest - Bar]
Location: Upper/Lower Level.
Privileges: Running Water/Electricity/Personal Computers if applicable [note, would only be used for business and data purposes].
Was it Sanctioned by the Gods: IE, did gods give you the go ahead to start it? :D


Okay! So basically, this is our Post of Stuff That Needs Addressing-- an apparently long-awaited acknowledgment of concerns and complaints that've been either brewing under peoples' skins, or actually brought to our doorstep via formal complaint. It's high time this post comes about, and as per usual, we will be looking for your input and reflections on what's discussed here. If you want to comment, comment. If you want to IM privately, you know where to reach us. Email, smoke signal, carrier pigeon... whatever you want, if you feel like you need to say something. We want it so we can talk about it, use it, laugh in your face, debate it... you get the idea. If we don't have muns, we don't have a game, so your contributions are sort of important here, y'know? ♥

Ready? Let's get to it.

Purg vs Crack
One of the major issues brought to us has dealt with the amount of crack in here. Some of you don't even realize it's happening, while many, many others are more or less ready to quit because of it. This is why it has to be addressed; we don't want to lose what [info]apurgatorium was when it started. I myself joined just over six months ago, and when I got here, it was a serious-with-a-little-bit-of-crack game, where dramah would occur and people would die/be kidnapped/etcetera, everyone would be traumatized, and then the Gods would stage a bizarre event so we could all cool our jets. It was nice, and worked out well. As time went on, the amount of crack sort of... devoured everything else, and we were getting complaints from the muns of villains ((how we love them ♥)) that while they were trying to get srs plot going, their posts were being drowned out and missed altogether by random crack or spontaneous drama that'd last a couple hours, and be concluded with cutesy-wootsie fluff. That's fine in moderation, but it was getting to be an every day norm. :/ Someone would post something that had to do with the plot they were trying to get moving, and it'd be shoved to Second Page Status in half an hour with one-line, mini-drama posts. Again, those are fine... in moderation. We love that some of you guys exceed beyond the "one post a week" thing -- sometimes posting three or four times a day -- but we do ask that courtesy be applied here ((this can actually tie in with complaints about Purg moving really freaking fast)) and that you don't post every time your character has a new thought.

I'm straying from the topic here... what the hell was I talking abo-- ...

Ah. Crack. Yes, crack's fine and fun and good, but to be frank, this isn't a crack game, and never has been. Crack games exist, and they're loads of lulz if that's what you want, but it's become a trend in this comm for crack to overshadow serious plot and real, natural character development. It's become a problem, and we're hearing more and more everyday from people who are craving a shift back to old-school Purg. I understand that we all love to see how our characters react to certain scenarios and Three's Company-esque situation comedy, but... well, this leads right into the next issue:

Yeah. No one likes to hear about this, but unfortunately, we have had it brought to us on numerous occasions as an issue. Sometimes the complaints are frivolous, and we can see that plainly, the complainant is just holding come kind of weird little grudge. Complaints of this stratum happen, and we let it slide, but some complaints are justified. :/

We won't be pin-pointing, and in the here and now, we will not be contacting the people who've been complained about. We're going to give you the chance to take responsibility for your characters into your own hands, and come to your own conclusions. All we ask is that you work with us on this. We'd like you to look very carefully at each of your characters, re-read your apps, maybe re-watch episodes or re-read manga, watch movies again, read fics-- get back in touch with your characters, and evaluate yourself. Are you playing them ICly? Do you really understand their motivations, their wants and needs? Do you know what makes them tick? Do you understand their mannerisms, their nuances and the itsy-bitsy things that make them who they are? Are you doing them justice? We have an amazing group here, and it's up to you to do this. Your choice. We have the utmost faith in everyone in this community, and everyone is more than capable of handling their kids. Everyone. Don't sit there and mope about how you don't think you play someone right. You can. We just want to make sure people know where they stand, canon-wise.

We're going to leave the OOC matter in your hands... but rest assured, if we start getting complaints again a month from now about characters being OOC, we'll have to take it to the source, and deliver the complaint to your doorstep. :/ But we figure this is the fair way to do it, in lieu of gathering the complaints we have right now and tackling down muns. No, we want to give everyone the chance to re-evaluate themselves, and see what they find.

OOCness and crack belong in communities where OOCness and crack are the foundation of those communities. Please keep this in mind, and make a conscious effort to take care of yourselves. We'll be there to strangle you if you decide to bring in Rambo and play him gayer than Elton John, but for now, we trust you to do what's right. If it means restarting characters, well, do it.

To keep this section short and sweet, I just want to reiterate-- take drama to us. Don't be afraid of the mods, alright? If someone is harassing you, trying to force you to take your characters a certain way, or making you generally uncomfortable even if they're not actually interacting with you, take it to us. Email us. Save chat logs, screen shots, whatever you think will help your case. We'll send emails, arrange chats, and do what we can to fix things. Drama doesn't START big, okay? It has to grow into a raging blob of non-lol, so don't give it the chance to. Nip it in the bud, and bring it to our attention. Don't panic, don't make it worse. Just say something. ♥ I firmly believe that any and all situations can be ironed out. It's just a game; not world democracy. Some problems take longer to handle than others, but this is where simple patience comes in. No complaint will go ignored, no bias formed, no child left behi--

... er, right. On to the next bit.

General Stuff

New Gods are coming, as promised, and they will not be as generous as the last ones. Purgatory is a place designed for redemption, lest we forget, so dishing out the supplies for a Sundae Shop and giving people a shitload of goodies so one character can give them to another for their birthday... it's not happening anymore, or at least not as easy as it used to. If you want something, you'll have to damn well earn it. You might earn favor with a God, maybe, but their graces don't come easily.

Death has been abused and trivialized. Think about it... how much would it screw with your character's mind if their best friend in the whole wide world kept dying and coming back like, the very next day? It's been happening a lot lately, and honestly has to stop. :/ Death will come with a worse penalty now, in some cases, and you'll see what those are as we move along and handle deaths case by case. Also, if your character dies, they will not be able to return for three full days. After that? Longer; two days more than before.

Basically, if you have your character die tomorrow, they're gone for three days. They come back, die again, two days are added to the base time frame. That means they're gone for five days. They come back and die again? Seven days gone. If you have a question about this, let us know. Losing a memory is still happening, but as some people are running out of memories to lose, well, the Gods might have to do something worse. I would almost suggest using death as a means of going on hiatus, or putting one character on hiatus, once you're pushing seven days' worth of absence. |D; Point is, death shouldn't be something you do to your kid when you're bored. It's death. Make it mean something.

The Upper Level
The Upper Level is changing, people. Big time. It's still a part of Purgatory and is thus still a part of redemption. In that, no, there won't be amusement parks and movie theaters and whatnot there. No malls and no TV and nothing like that. :c It's a town, and still run-down, still dirty and generally unappealing. What your character will have up there in comparison to the Lower Level is running water, electricity, sunlight, and much nicer housing than the shanty shacks below. If you earn your way up there, you'll probably get a little more help from the Gods insofar as starting a business, and that really is a great way to give your character something to do, give other characters something to do, and have certain luxuries. You'll have a challenge opening shop, of course, but there's always a way to get things done. The only shops that exist up above are ones that sell your absolute necessities-- clothing, appliances ((not TVs or radios; we mean fridges and toasters)) and food. There are no Pizza Huts and no gourmet. Just groceries, and they're not the best. |D; As always, you earn money by working... unless someone gives you money, in which case you've made an excellent friend.

Upper Level privileges still take a month of good behaviour to earn. As per precedent, you can also still choose to live below with your evil little friends and have UL privies at the same time, BUT you will not be able to go up after dark. Likewise, people living on the UL who visit down below after dark will be snagged and punished. ): Not good. Be careful!


I think that's it.

As I really don't have a witty way to end this, I'll just say thanks for sticking with us. We want Purg to be a comm where people are happy, and where we don't see our kids popping up on Fandom Secrets for being blatantly OOC and over-ridden with drama. :/ We have a terrible reputation, and... well, we'd like to try to turn that around, for the most part. I know we can do it just from talking to you guys. You're a damn good group, you know, and we want to do what we can to make you enjoy logging in here, and not twitch in anticipation of what new drama has flooded into your playing space. ♥

So talk to us. Comment here with your concerns or questions, email purg.mod[at]gmail.com or contact a mod or co-mod directly. Our info is on the profile page-- Hoshino Masako for Katie, and gypsy savant for me. Our favourite little co-mod, of course, is Ferret. Find her at plum tengu.


Little Reminders
As a reminder to everyone, the IC Requests to the Gods (both on the IC requests page, and the Upper Level applications) will NOT be responded to, until the new Gods come in to play. I understand that everyone wants their requests filled in a timely manner, but Medea and Asclepius are currently unavailable to handle the requests, due to the end of the world and all. :o

Also, we've had several people ask, and I thought I'd re-post it again here : Activity checks HAVE gone back to every two weeks.

I'm sorry if this upsets anyone, but some guidelines need to be established. ♥

Kaz-mod edit; Seconding everything here, of course. For those potentially making faces at the guidelines re: sending charries back home, well crap... what's the point in bringing them to a place to atone for their sins if they can up and leave whenever, and then pop right back in in a matter of days? :/ Blaaagh. Hopefully, you guys are okay with this... we've had quite a few complaints about characters up and disappearing for no apparent reason, and then returning very soon after. I think that what we forget much of the time is that what we do with our characters can vastly effect other characters-- taking someone's best friend away from them out of the blue can really sting, bbs. ): PLZ. THINK OF THE PUPPETS.

Now, as far as getting to requests and handling questions/apps/etc, everyone's patience is hugely appreciated. Many of you know we've had a whack of stuff land on our laps since becoming mods here, and unfortunately, they're matters that will have to take priority until they're sorted out. ): Between Brandi and I, lists are being updated, reserves are being noted, and hiatuses are being acknowledged, so don't worry about that. The IC Requests are taking a bit, but once the new Godly kiddos come into play, rest assured your IC requests will be tackled. :o

A post discussing changes we want to introduce to you and gather input on is underway, so watch for that. ♥ And as always, please, never be afraid to contact Brandi, Ferret or I with anything you guys need. ♥



So we’re on Day 2 of [info]apurgatorium being under new modship, and again, we’d like to thank everyone for the warm reception. ♥ You guys have been great insofar as offering suggestions for new events, suggestions for new/updated rules, and generally helping us out in getting things arranged and re-arranged. Helpful muns are helpful, and we appreciate it.

That said, lists have been attended to and questions have been answered here and there. In regards to the IC Requests to the Gods, with Rowan and Koi no longer attending to those and no new Gods introduced, the IC Requests will be put on hold until our new pair arrive. If there’s anything you need to ask of the Gods immediately, please feel free to contact Brandi or I ((email or IM will do, as always!)), and we’ll see if we can work around it. There’s always a solution. ♥

I hate this part. Now... as we all know, there are different categories under “helpful”. I’m talking about complaints, and as mods, we do want them. If you’re not happy with us, with a situation, an event, someone in particular or whathaveyou, it really is helpful to both yourself and the community in general to speak up about it. One of us tries to be on AIM throughout the day, and we check the mod email almost on the hour. Many of you don’t know us very well aside from the characters we play and what you see in the OOC chat, and we do understand that it can be scary sometimes to write up a complaint and send it off. We’ve all been there. :/ Thing is, complaints are part of communities like this; they’re going to come when you mix 934620856 different personalities together, and all we can do as mods is take each complaint individually, and see if we can either work out an ultimate solution, or, at the very least, compromise. That said, please bear in mind that we are not fans of the quick fix. These things do take time, and we will be wanting to talk with both the complainant and the complainee(s) in detail. At present, we’re dealing with matters that existed long before we came into modship, and we both believe it’s best to adopt these matters carefully. That said, I want to reiterate– never be afraid to approach us about something. If someone is making you uncomfortable or doing something you don’t think they should be doing, come to us. Save chat logs, save emails, save screenshots; anything you can do to back yourself up, and come to us. ♥ There’s never a concern too minuscule, okay?

There’s more... what the heck was...

AH. Alright. Two more things– amongst the in-game changes that are coming up, one is all set to be announced and placed into action. Activity checks are back to a two-week posting... thingie. If you don’t post for your character in two weeks, you get tossed on the list. Strike one, two, three, you’re out. D: Same as always, but we’re back to two weeks instead of one. ♥ With summer right around the corner and people generally socializing more ((losers!)), we figured going back to the two-week rule would be a happy thing. :/ So that’s one change, and we hope it’s not terribly insane. More are on the way, and as usual, we will be hunting for input from the general consensus.

Annnnnd yes, the next event has been selected, and will be announced shortly. :) Aheh. Aheheh... ha.

Right. Long post is long, I know. Shutting up now.

Questions? Comments? Email, IM, or toss ‘em here, lovelies. Thanks for reading all this junk.

Since ownership was passed from Koi and Rowan, and on to Kaz and I last night, I thought that I'd post up a little something. First off, I want to let everyone know how excited we are to have been asked to lead the game. We have very large shoes to fill, and we hope to be able to make not only Koi and Rowan proud, but everyone in Purgatorium happy as well. We also want to let everyone know that we are both here to bring any complaints, suggestions, or concerns; you can reach us by e-mail at purg.mod @ gmail, or you can contact one of us over AIM. You can reach Kaz at GypsySavant or Brandi at pandapunchy. Don't ever be afraid to poke at either one of us, even if its for something small.

We also want to let everyone know that we do have three main priorities coming in to our new position in the game, and we want to share them with you. If you have any comments or questions about any of these, you can either contact us over aim, e-mail, or just comment to this entry. Over the next few days, there will be another mod post that goes in depth to these, but for now, we just wanted to make everyone aware of what our top three goals are.

Improving OOC Interaction : Improving communication between all players, so that everyone is able to feel comfortable plotting and interacting with one another IC.

Serious Plot & More Events : One of our biggest hopes is to get more serious plot back into the game. We'll be working to come up with several things that will be put into play over the next few weeks. All plot and events, of both the silly and serious variety, are of course optional. Any suggestions for events and plot that you would like to see, please comment here and let us know. We don't know what everyone would like, unless we hear from you guys.


[new arrivals]
Okay, guys. Things are beginning to change; the first change you're going to notice is that the temples Hera left are mostly gone, except for one temple of white stone in the east.

It's gotten a biiiiit bigger, and there is a statue in the front of a woman holding a jar, continuously pouring water. It's clean water and is there for drinking; however, depending on your progress, you might or might not want to. Those who are living basically good lives will find it tastes sweet and clear and cold; for those who are not, however, it is bitter and kind of mucky-warm. It will keep you from dying of thirst, but it tastes terrible.

Within the temple, incense still burns, though it is less thick and heady than it was. There is an altar for prayer and offerings, surrounded by out-of-season flowers; those who leave offerings or heartfelt prayers (to whomever they wish; the god to which this temple is consecrated is all-purpose and will pass on wishes to other gods) and reasonable requests for things other than food and the like may find their request when they return home, if they have been good enough. If not, however, there'll be nothing but a small flower.

Tending the altar is Alma, who has forgone normal clothing for simple dark blue robes; she is friendly as always, but your characters (particularly those who know her somewhat), will notice she is kind of distracted, as if she is hearing someone's instructions. Whose, she can't say.

More importantly, characters may, for the next week, hear snippets of song in the air; it's familiar, though different for everyone. Anyone who is psychically inclined or spiritual may feel a tinge of sadness and an overwhelming feeling of love, as if they are being looked upon by a loving parent who just wants to see their child on the right path. The song is strongest in the temple and in the Church.

For the cold weather, anyone is welcome to take shelter in the Temple for up to a week; it isn't particularly comfortable, as it's made of stone, but it's warm. And from here out, any new characters will spawn within the temple, where Alma will explain the basics of Purgatorium to them. They have a week to find housing; if they drag on longer than that week, they will find that though they are tired, they will be unable to sleep at all in the temple. Once two weeks have passed, they'll find they can't enter at all past sundown. This will last for two weeks before they can enter again.

This is also the post wherein characters will make requests; please remember that if they are not reasonable, they will not be honored. Be sure to write your prayer/offering in-character.

Also, your characters will be told to come here after a month for their powers to be unlocked and upper level to be accessible. Bad behavior will result in locking-out of first the upper level and then the powers; there will be no warning.


Jan. 3rd, 2009 02:46 pm
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No, really. Show of hands?

I'm going to try and work on some advertisements, with permission from Suu - our new headmod. So, if anyone has pictures or information they think I should include please let me know. As an advertising major, I'm good at throwing things together in pretty layouts, but my training is in being handed what a customer wants and making it pretty for them... so I'm a little wary of just throwing together whatever I want, on my own.

This is -our- game, and we should be keeping it together, right? So.


What do you guys want to see? Purg should decide how to represent themselves, right?

Plot. Advertising.
Anything. Would be super cool.

We should all set up a day that a majority of us can get together in chat,
and actually use it to brainstorm for a bit.

We should get this going again, before we lose it for good.

Also. Should I start the contact list up again?
I stopped because people weren't responding to it, anymore.


Sep. 11th, 2008 11:53 pm
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To be included to my memes list, in my profile.

«The ‡RP Concrit‡ Meme»

All right, there it is.
Wank away.


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