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Anime Unleashed

If you've ever wondered "What would happen if..."
This is the RPG for you!

The continent of Nagoya is filled with civilizations widely varied in technological advancement. Where some characters are still existing in what is known to us as the feudal age, others are already flying space ships. Although trade is often seen among neighboring cities, the population is - for the most part - ignorant of their surroundings. As some begin to expand their horizons, others catch on as well. The continent is becoming filled with new-found curiosity, and for the first time in known history Nagoya may actually become a place of equivalent prosperity, each city learning ways of life from the others; and making new friends by meeting the most unlikely people.

Anime Unleashed has been moved to Live Journal.
A Multi-universe Anime-centric RPG.

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The Mod Community can be found here.

We are currently accepting Character Reserves and Applications.

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The Rules | The Application | Taken Characters | Wanted Characters | Reserving A Character

To contact the mod - AIM: EdwardXElrc; E-mail: EdwardXElrc@aol.com

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Second Chance RP - A Multi-Fandom RP


Life in Kalkyou is perfect bordering on boring. You get up, go to school or work, talk with your friends, your family. You move through life with an oddly average pattern. But no one in Kalkyou seems to sleep without restless dreams. There's always new people moving in, but no one ever leaves. You tend not to wonder about these things, until your head starts to hurt, and you have these strange memories spilling into your head...

Welcome to Second Chance, an all-fandom RP

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All is relatively peaceful... until the computer chips start to malfunction, and the original memories of their life begins to worm its way through...

Info Page. | Appy here. | Taken Characters

[Contact Info - E-mail or AIM: EdwardXElrc@aol.com]


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