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Monday: 6/7 - Off
Tuesday: 6/8 - 5 pm - 11 pm
Wednesday: 6/9 - Off
Thursday: 6/10 - 6 pm - 11 pm
Friday: 6/11 - 6 pm - 12 am
Saturday: 6/12 - 5 pm - 12 am
Sunday: 6/13 - Off
Monday: 6/14 - Off
Tuesday: 6/15 - 5 pm - 11 pm
Wednesday: 6/16 - Off
Thursday: 6/17 - Off
Friday: 6/18 - 6 pm - 12 am
Saturday: 6/19 - Off
Sunday: 6/20 - 5 pm - 11 pm


Sep. 29th, 2020 02:55 am
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Blockbuster )

School posts )
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Anyone that knows me would find it hard to believe that I keep so much to myself. I'm generally honest, forward and blunt- to the point of being offensive and hurting feelings. But I've reached a breaking point, and I'm ... done.

Warning: Between sensitive topics, blunt thoughtless complaining and triggering subject matter - you might not want to read this post.

That having been said. )

Having gone off on that tear to the point of exhaustion, I am about to go sleep. I know there's more but at this point I'm too tired to try to work out the energy for it so.... bed it is.


Mar. 5th, 2011 10:38 pm
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School posts. )
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I finally talked to the vet today. Ran Orion's symptoms by her, and the ones we initially dismissed as just part of ... how he is. Told her what information I found online over the weekend, since they were closed, and she said to call in the morning and make an appointment. She's going to list it as a re-visit since he was already tested for thyroid before, and she's going to run a more thorough thyroid test on him this time. I ... Need to talk to her in the morning, so that she can give me the thyroid tests they have available and the price range of those tests.

The other possibility seems to be neurological issues. Which is what I was afraid of. Which is what I'm terrified of - because if it's something wrong with his brain, how many options do I have? And will I be able to afford them? They don't just ... take care of your animal and bill you if you don't have the money, they will refuse to help him, if I can't pay for it. And after searching for someone who would just put Sheba down for cheap - I know that there isn't really anyone else around here that's any better.

So. That's that. I updated my schedule. I'm not even sure when I could fit an appointment in this week, since I work every day but Thursday, and I'm going to need to sleep all day Thursday after working 13 hours on Wednesday.

But I can't say no to hours, because I'm going to need the money to get Orion seen, tested and then treated for whatever is wrong with him.
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voyeur meme.

comment and ask to see anything on my computer,
no matter what it is,
and I'll take a screencap of it and post it in my next update.


At work we get to pick Employee Pick movies that go up once a month, so I started thinking about it and I'm not too much of a movie person - so I'll run out of things to pick fairly quickly. IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS, LET ME KNOW. You can post movies you think I should see or movies you think I should use for my Employee Picks here - either one, or both. Just... Specify which you're leaving I guess.

And I'm going to make this entry public so that people can comment anonymously if they so choose. As long as comments stay on topic, I don't mind - and screening is as always, still enabled.
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I'm still amused that my schedule is entry 666 in this journal.

Okay, so schedule posted.
At least, for Petco. I won't have my Blockbuster schedule for this week until Wednesday, but if I am working Blockbuster, it'll only be on the days left as Undetermined on the schedule I've already posted.

I have tomorrow off, which means I can stay up as long as I like ... doing nothing.
And Wednesday I work a double, starting at 7:00 am, so a smart me would go to bed early. We'll see.

Also, this post still needs your attention. Follow the links, and request a fic~ Or more than one. Or whatever.

I don't even care.

I've already finished all of my requests, I want more.
I'll post the others tomorrow, right now.. My head hurts.
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I need to stop spamming everyone's F-list. I don't know why when I think I'm -done- posting for awhile... a million entries come to mind.

P.S. Thank you.

What I'm looking for are the answers- to why these questions never go away. )

It's after 5:00 am. I need to move to my room before my mother gets up and kills me for being in here, at this hour.
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This is just a list of things to complain about working at a video rental store. Customers and employees alike.
Anyone that's had a run of the mill customer service job can probably relate to a good deal of these.

I'm including suggestions from co-workers, also - so anyone else that has one, feel free to submit it.

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